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Welcome to, the best place in the UK to find cheap skip hire prices. If you need to hire a skip in the UK, is a great way of making sure you get the best rate. Just enter your UK postcode, select a skip size that suits, and press Go. In seconds you’ll see a list of local skip hire companies covering your area together with their absolute best skip hire rates. Click on the UK skip hire company with the lowest rates to get their contact details, and then book with them direct.

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  • How it works is the fastest and lowest cost way of finding cheap UK skip hire prices whether you're looking for domestic skip hire for the home or commercial skip hire for a construction site or office. Skip companies from all round the UK publish their most competitive prices on this site. Our unique price comparison software allows our UK skip hire partners to adjust their prices and coverage area to suit their capacity. When a skip company is busy they increase their prices and reduce their coverage area, but when business is slow and they have lots of extra capacity, they bring their skip prices right down and extend their coverage area. Given not all UK skip hire companies are flat out at the same times and they don’t operate out of the same depot, there are always great UK skip hire price deals available at

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    The UK stands for United Kingdom. It consists of the four nations Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England. The UK is pronounced yew-kay as opposed to uck – which is lucky given the latter’s negative connotations. The UK is an anagram of KU, rhymes with Newquay (albeit badly), and is bigger than Great Britain (despite being a lot fewer letters). Apparently 10% of the UK is still covered by forests, but many thousands of years ago the UK was almost entirely forest – so clearly big changes have occurred. Mainly the farmers getting out their chainsaws (or medieval equivalents). The population of the UK is about 60 million, a figure not dissimilar to Bob Diamond’s annual bonus.

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